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What is a Veneer Test Drive?

We understand that getting veneers is a big investment at Hales Parker Dentistry. That’s why we offer a free service called a “Veneer Test Drive,” where you can try out temporary veneers and see what they will look like before investing in them.

The Veneer Test Drive Process

It starts with Dr. Hales talking to the patient and seeing what they’re looking for when creating the perfect smile. Everyone’s version of a dream smile is different, and Dr. Hales wants to ensure that every patient gets exactly what they’re looking for.

Dr. Hales starts by building the test drive on top of the patients’ teeth that is non-invasive to the patients’ natural teeth and is temporary. The entire process only takes about 45-minutes, and the temporary material comes off easily after about 2 hours.

“The Veneer Test Drive is a game-changer for anyone interested in getting veneers,” Dr. Hales said. “When they see their new smile for the first time after the test drive, all their confidence comes back. It’s amazing!”

While other cosmetic dentist offices charge to perform a veneer test drive, at Hales Parker Dentistry, we offer it for free because we know how beneficial it is for the patient. Even with our computer software that can simulate an image of what veneers could be like, it’s not until the patient sees their beautiful new smile that they can see the true potential.

“My favorite part is when a patient's face lights up, and they can’t stop smiling,” Dr. Hales said. For more information on the Veneer Test Drive or to get a free virtual consultation, click HERE.

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