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12 Implants and Teeth-In-A-Day

Clayton came to us with a lifetime of issues from inadequate care from a young age. He had multiple fillings on every tooth and many failed root canals. He had tried fixing the issue over many years but continued to be in daily pain. Clayton wanted a solution that would allow him to live normally without worrying about multiple infections and cavities every year.

Smile Goals

Clayton wanted a solution that would offer a long-term solution as his current strategies of fillings and root canals were weak and lead to constant failures. 

We spent several weeks figuring out the best solution with Clayton, to ensure we were able to give him the smile he wanted. After discussing the pros and cons together, we decided on a full removal and 12 implants placed to retain porcelain bridges. 

Dental Cavities Broken Teeth
All-on-4 dental Implants

Why Teeth-In-A Day?

Teeth-in-a-Day is a minimally invasive method to full-mouth dental implants. Traditional dental implants can take 4-9 months to fully complete, often involving multiple visits, while Teeth-in-A-Day allows you to leave our office with a beautiful smile the same day. 

The technology used allows us to scan your teeth and build your smile, using 3D printing. It allows us to adjust the bite, and esthetic presentation of your new smile.

Surgery Day

On the day of the surgery, Clayton arrived at our Ladera Ranch office and we set to work. We removed all his teeth and placed 12 implants.

We had previously digitally scanned and designed his new teeth to create a 3D printed model so he could walk out of surgery day with a new bite and smile. We had great success getting primary stability of his implants and secured the 3D printed teeth. 

Before All-on-4

Day of Surgery Before

After All-on-4

Day of Surgery After

Healing Process

During the healing phase, we exposed several implants and rescanned them for the final prosthesis. 

We placed his final porcelain bridges once the healing was complete. Utilizing our digital scanner, we made adjustments to get the bite ideal. The technology allowed for better results and an easier process.


He can now live without having to worry about the stability of his teeth and the daily pain. Clayton will tell you, his new smile has changed his whole life!

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