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Dental Technology

At Facer Hales Parker Dentistry, we want to provide you with the safest, most up-to-date procedures we can. Many advances in technique and technology allow for the type of results and treatment we provide.

3D CBCT Scanner

Our 3D Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scanner provides us another level of diagnostic ability. With less radiation than a typical 2D panoramic x-ray, these modern machines are so advanced. We have the full-sized scanner which allows us to view your jaw joints, all the root tips of your teeth, your maxillary and nasal sinuses, your upper spine, and your airway.

Then with a simple rotation of the scanner a couple of times, we are able to be much smarter about our diagnosis. A good diagnosis leads to good treatment options for you and better outcomes as well. When changing the bite on a tooth, it is important to know the anatomy of the joint. When performing an Invisalign treatment, it is good to know the bone structure and root positions.

We use this machine in diagnosing the health of your root canal treatment. We use it in diagnosing and planning the treatment for your implant cases. We use it in assessing the health of your jaw joint. We use it in assessing your airway and jaw development. In short, we use it to make your dental visits better however we can!

There are many times where a 2D radiograph is not sufficient for diagnostic purposes. This is where this machine shines. The detail and precision of our CS 9600 is currently the best in the world!

Taking a picture of clients teeth for dental procedure

Digital Radiographs (X-Rays) 

Radiographs—or x-rays—play a key role in assessing the health of your teeth. Without them, we would not be able to diagnose problems in the teeth until it was too late and the problem too large. There are different ways to get radiographs and we utilize the latest instant capture digital sensors.

These sensors are so sensitive they provide high quality images at a fraction of the radiation of traditional film x-rays. Providing a safer environment for you is very important for us. This instant capture also saves you time and is more comfortable; the sensor is a bit thicker and has rounded corners so they do not dig into your gums like traditional x-ray films.

Intraoral Scanning

The iTero scanner is one of the most advanced intraoral 3D scanners available today. It can do a full scan of all of your teeth in about 5 minutes. This eliminates the need for impressions in our office. So whether you need Invisalign aligners or other orthodontic procedures, a retainer or whitening trays—there is no need for goopy impressions in your mouth!

Many patients are concerned about the overall long term health of their teeth and gums—the iTero can track that over time! With multiple scans over time, you can overlap the scans to see whether your teeth have shifted, how much they have worn, or how much your gums have receded. The information it provides you is so valuable to understanding the health of your mouth.

We have patients seeking us for our advanced Invisalign technique. With the iTero scanner, we can give you a proposal for an Invisalign treatment in 5 minutes. You can evaluate what it would look like with your teeth straighter and in a better bite. This helps many visualize the end which helps determine and set expectations: an invaluable tool.

The newest iTero scanner also has near infrared imaging (NIRI) technology that provides an image of your teeth which can detect cavities and cracks in between teeth that are difficult to assess on x-rays. The sooner you can see your problems, the sooner you can address them. When problems become large, they are more expensive and more painful to deal with. You want to have control over your mouth and its health. This provides a new way to do that.

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In-Office CAD Tooth Restorative System

At Facer Hales Parker Dentistry, we design and create most of our patients’ onlays, crowns, and veneers right here in our office! This has many advantages for you. You only need one appointment for the procedure so there is only one time getting numb, only one time recovering after the procedure.

This avoids the need for a “temporary” crown while you wait for the final one to be made in a lab. With the dentist working with the design in the office, the bite and fit can be much more accurate to you. This can lead to longer lasting restorations.

Many patients ask about the materials used in the in-office fabrication of crowns. It is the same porcelain used in the lab manufactured crowns also. It can be anything from feldspathic porcelain, to lithium disilicate ceramic, and finally zirconia. Most laboratory fabrication of crowns is all digital now as well, albeit with larger machines for more efficiency.

The CAD, or computer-aided design, procedure works by scanning the teeth prepared for the crown, then the restoration is designed and sent to a milling unit for fabrication. We then finish the details in the office and bond it in shortly thereafter. We utilize the latest in technology from Sirona and its CEREC system, which has been around for 30 years!

Electric Handpiece

The instrument used to fix your teeth is a dental handpiece with a bur. This is a high precision instrument that can rotate the bur up to 400,000 r.p.m.! We utilize electric handpieces in our office for a couple of reasons.

  1. They are actually quieter than traditional air-driven handpieces. The reduction in noise is a blessing as the loud noises in the dental office can create a high amount of anxiety for many patients.

  2. The torque provided by electric handpieces is much better than air-driven. This allows for a slower speed to be used but still be effective and create smoother surfaces on your teeth. The smoother the surface created by your dentist, the better the restoration will be in the end.

The benefits of these electric handpieces increases the overall quality of our work which leads to better outcomes for you!

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Dental Technology

The day that dentistry can be truly “pain-free dentistry” will be a great one.

 One of the most common things dentists in Orange County hear is how much patients dislike coming because of the pain.

 At Facer Hales Parker Dentistry in Ladera Ranch we strive for you to have a pain-free dentistry experience and have as little discomfort as possible.

Wand Dental Anesthesia

Utilizing the Wand STA dental anesthesia device, the dentists at Facer Hales Parker Dentistry are able to give possibly the most comfortable injection you’ve ever had. Without this pain-free dentistry practice, this is often the worst part of the procedure for many people who visit other dentists. With the dental anesthesia device, the injection is handled extremely gently and many times pain free.


Another advantage to dental anesthesia is that it can numb single teeth instead of getting a large portion of your jaw numb. Patients love when they leave our office and don’t have to worry about a numb lip or tongue. When single teeth need to be restored, just the target tooth can be numbed with the dental anesthesia wand.

Nitrous Oxide Child
Tooth Cavity

Air Abrasion

Air abrasion is a tool used for cavities on the top of the tooth or shallow cavities.

 When using air abrasion, anesthetic is not even necessary.

 Using micro-particles and air, the cavity is removed without any pain sensation because there is no drill.

 Air abrasion has many other benefits as well such as nearly doubling the bond strength of fillings and crowns in certain situations. This leads to stronger and longer lasting dentistry.


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