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Poem about Facer Hales Parker Dentistry's beginnings

In Ladera Ranch, a tale we tell, Of a dentist who knows his clientele. Dr. Lincoln Parker, with skill and grace, Built a dental office, a special place.

From scratch he started, with vision clear, To bring smiles to all, year after year. With determination and endless strive, He built a team, so they could thrive.

Fifteen employees, families to feed, All thanks to Dr. Parker's lead. From cleanings to fillings, and everything in between, They serve over five thousand, a true dental dream.

With kindness and care, they welcome each guest, Making sure smiles are at their best. In Ladera Ranch, their fame has grown, All thanks to Dr. Parker, and his team's own.

So here's to the dentist, with heart so true, For building a practice, where dreams come true. In Ladera Ranch, they'll always be, Thanks to Dr. Lincoln Parker, and his dentistry.

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