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Poem about Dr. Facer in Ladera Ranch

(Verse 1) In the heart of care where smiles unfold, A healer emerges, a tale to be told. Dr. Luke Facer, a guiding light, In the realm of dentistry, he takes his flight.

(Chorus) Imagine a team, trained and aware, In modern techniques, with compassion to spare. Facer Hales Parker, where innovation gleams, Dr. Luke Facer, orchestrating dreams.

(Verse 2) With tools of precision and wisdom profound, He teaches his team, where expertise is found. In the dance of patient care, a delicate art, A symphony of healing, a beat from the heart.

(Chorus) Imagine a team, tuned to the patient's song, In the world of dentistry, where they belong. Facer Hales Parker, a sanctuary of grace, Dr. Luke Facer, leading the embrace.

(Bridge) A canvas of smiles, each unique, Dr. Luke Facer, the gentle mystique. A palette of techniques, modern and true, In the tapestry of care, a vibrant hue.

(Verse 3) Through the corridors of learning, they stroll, In the evolution of dentistry, a harmonious role. With every brushstroke, a patient's care, Dr. Luke Facer, a maestro rare.

(Chorus) Imagine a team, harmonizing with grace, In the symphony of care, in every embrace. Facer Hales Parker, where dreams take flight, Dr. Luke Facer, a beacon of light.

(Outro) In the lyrical dance of patient care, A melody of healing, a bond to share. Dr. Luke Facer, the visionary guide, In the world of dentistry, where dreams coincide.

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