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How Much are Veneers?

The number one question we get at Hales Parker Dentistry regarding veneers is, “how much do they cost?”

Like all cosmetic procedures, getting veneers is an investment in yourself. Veneers can help correct crooked, chipped, worn-down and discolored teeth and last 15-20 years. They’re made from porcelain and the entire process can take as little as three weeks.

“The best part of the veneer process is seeing the patient’s face in the mirror during the reveal, Dr. Hales said. “I see their face light up and immediately their confidence changes.”

Dr. Hales is recognized as the Celebrity Dentist since working on several Bravo TV starlets. His comprehensive and contemporary approach to cosmetic dentistry is why many patients of his are traveling from all over the country to see him for their smile transformations.

We understand that the veneer process can be scary and since it is an investment, we offer a free service that’s called a “Veneer Test Drive” so that patients can see what veneers could look like before they take the leap. The process is non-invasive to your natural teeth and the temporary material that is built over your teeth comes off in about an hour.

“The Test Drive is really a game changer for patients because instead of seeing what veneers could look like on a video, they get to actually see them on themselves,” Dr. Hales said.

By now you’re probably wondering, “well how much are they?” Veneers can range from $2,000-$2,500 a tooth and the number of veneers a patient gets is up to them. Dr. Hales will make recommendations, but on average most patients get ten veneers, and some opt to do a full mouth with ten on the top and ten on the bottom. They can also customize the shape and color, so a patient is really in control when it comes to how they look.

“Listening to the patient is key when designing a smile,” Dr. Hales said. “I work closely to every one of my patients to achieve exactly what they want they want and to give them their dream smile.”

For more information on veneers, call (949) 429-0049 or Click HEREto get a free customized video from Dr. Hales of what veneers could look like on you!

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